Ransomware -  Increasingly Hitting Businesses

Posted by Brian Laing on 1/11/17 12:23 PM


Ransomware hits both individuals and businesses, but businesses are being targeted more than ever, and end up paying significantly higher ransoms—often tens of thousands of dollars.

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Topics: Advanced Malware Detection, Ransomware, Cybercrime, malicious code, Evasive Ransomware, Advanced Malware

Quality Tools Help Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals

Posted by Bert Rankin on 1/10/17 10:43 AM


Malware and cybercrime continue to grow at alarming rates. Unfortunately, the world-wide shortage of security talent is making it very difficult for organizations to find the resources necessary to defend themselves. Given the lack of available experts, businesses need to do everything they can to leverage the skills and time of their existing security analysts. One of the best ways to do that is to provide them with industry-leading detection and response tools.      

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Topics: Advanced Malware Detection, Malware Analysis, Security Careers, Education, SOC Analyst, Cybercrime, Incident Response, Talent Shortage, Large Enterprises, Industry Growth, Cyber Security Degrees, Universities, On-the-job Training, Advanced Malware

Lastline – Up and Running with PhishMe in Sixty Seconds

Posted by Bert Rankin on 1/4/17 3:21 PM

At Lastline we take great pride in our partnerships and ability to integrate with other security tools. For example, with more than 90 percent of data breaches attributed to phishing schemes, our partnership with PhishMe provides a critical degree of added protection against such attacks.

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Topics: Evasive Malware, Lastline Analyst, Lastline Enterprise, Phishing, Integration, Data Breach, malicious behavior, malicious code, PhishMe, Powershells

Defeating Fragmentation Divide-and-Conquer Attacks

Posted by Bert Rankin on 12/21/16 12:38 PM


In a previous blog, titled Evasive Malware – The Art of Doing Nothing, we covered how advanced malware evades detection by stalling and postponing all malicious activity whenever a sandbox is detected. 

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Topics: Evasive Malware, Deep Content Inspection, malicious behavior, legacy sandbox, malicious code, stalling code, divide and conquer attacks, split malicious payloads

Evasive Malware – The Art of Doing Nothing

Posted by Bert Rankin on 12/19/16 2:23 PM


Advanced malware uses a number of techniques to avoid being detected by a sandbox. One method is to stall. When a malicious object discovers that it's under evaluation, it will postpone evil behavior until the sandbox times out. The malware simply hides its harmful capabilities until it's in a real host.

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Topics: Evasive Malware, CPU Emulation, Advanced Malware Detection, Deep Content Inspection, Avoid Detection, legacy sandbox, stalling code

Effective Malware Detection Requires Deep Enterprise Integration

Posted by Bert Rankin on 12/14/16 1:09 PM


Today's advanced malware will attack at multiple locations throughout an enterprise. To be effective, powerful malware detection capabilities must be integrated throughout an organization's entire network and security infrastructure.  

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Topics: Advanced Malware Detection, Malware Behavior, SIEM Integration, Integration, End-to-End Protection, APIs, attack vectors, IPS Integration, Endpoint Integration

Deep Content Inspection – Key to 100% Malware Visibility

Posted by Bert Rankin on 12/12/16 12:37 PM


At Lastline we're frequently asked how our technology is able to analyze 100% of the actions performed by a program or other object. The answer is rooted in our Deep Content Inspection technology.

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Topics: Evasive Malware, CPU Emulation, Deep Content Inspection, legacy sandbox

Lastline Knowledgebase – Shared Global Malware Intelligence

Posted by Brian Laing on 12/8/16 11:33 AM

There's no question that cybercriminals benefit from the knowledge, tools, and experience of other hackers. They often band together to form powerful crime rings, sharing their techniques and the latest network vulnerability information.

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Topics: Evasive Malware, Advanced Malware Detection, global malware intelligence, zero-day exploits, command and control servers, knowledgebase, YARA, toxic websites

Limited Visibility of a Conventional Sandbox

Posted by Bert Rankin on 12/5/16 10:24 AM


One of the common misconceptions regarding a conventional sandbox is how much it can actually observe when evaluating an object for malicious behavior.

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Topics: Evasive Malware, Sandboxing, Kernel Rootkit Analysis, sandboxes, legacy sandbox, malicious code, stalling code, operating system calls

Lastline Named as “Most Innovative Company”

Posted by Bert Rankin on 11/30/16 1:05 PM


Today, Lastline is proud to announce that Best in Biz Awards 2016 has named Lastline as one of the Most Innovative Companies in its category. The sixth annual program garnered more than 600 entries from an impressive array of North American companies and industries. Best in Biz Awards uniquely draws upon writers, journalists, broadcast outlets, and analysts to serve as judges and select the winning companies.

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Topics: Lastline Enterprise, Best in Biz Awards

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