Limited Visibility of a Conventional Sandbox

Posted by Bert Rankin on 12/5/16 10:24 AM


One of the common misconceptions regarding a conventional sandbox is how much it can actually observe when evaluating an object for malicious behavior.

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Topics: Evasive Malware, Sandboxing, Kernel Rootkit Analysis, sandboxes, legacy sandbox, malicious code, stalling code, operating system calls

Lastline Named as “Most Innovative Company”

Posted by Bert Rankin on 11/30/16 1:05 PM


Today, Lastline is proud to announce that Best in Biz Awards 2016 has named Lastline as one of the Most Innovative Companies in its category. The sixth annual program garnered more than 600 entries from an impressive array of North American companies and industries. Best in Biz Awards uniquely draws upon writers, journalists, broadcast outlets, and analysts to serve as judges and select the winning companies.

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Topics: Lastline Enterprise, Best in Biz Awards

Advanced Malware Protection Requires a Multipronged Solution

Posted by Bert Rankin on 11/28/16 10:00 AM


Sophisticated malware uses multiple attack vectors or routes to gain access to computer systems and networks. To be effective today, malware detection solutions must identify malicious code originating from all possible entry points.

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Topics: Advanced Malware Detection, sophisticated malware, attack vectors

Exploit Kits Responsible for Most Malware Infections

Posted by Brian Laing on 11/21/16 10:00 AM


Exploit Kits are a serious cyber threat today and are responsible for the vast majority of malware infections worldwide. 

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Topics: Evasive Malware, Advanced Malware Detection, Hacking Tools, Magnitude, Rig, Exploit Kits, Angler, Neutrino, Sundown, Nuclear

Malware Spike Expected During Holiday Season

Posted by Bert Rankin on 11/16/16 10:19 AM


If the past is any predictor of the future, we can expect a dramatic surge of malware infections during the next several weeks.

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Topics: Evasive Malware, Advanced Malware Detection, Phishing, Holiday Season

Ransomware – Hope for this Growing Problem

Posted by Patrick Bedwell on 11/14/16 12:21 PM


Ransomware is a growing problem for organizations of all sizes. Earlier this year, the FBI projected that in 2016, ransomware victims would pay $1Billion dollars to recover their data. For many cyber thieves, ransomware has become the preferred crime, surpassing even credit card theft.

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Topics: Evasive Malware, Advanced Malware Detection, Ransomware, Deep Content Inspection, signature-based anti-malware tools, Evasive Ransomware

Detecting Both Malicious Code and Malicious Behaviors

Posted by Bert Rankin on 11/7/16 2:37 PM


Most malware detection systems identify malicious code by monitoring its execution in a sandbox environment to detect anomalous behavior. As the malware runs, the sandbox searches for signs of odd or unauthorized actions like:

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Topics: Advanced Malware Detection, ROP, malicious behavior, anomalous behavior, malicious code, encryption

Detecting Return-Oriented Programs Critical to Fighting Advanced Malware

Posted by Bert Rankin on 11/2/16 2:52 PM


Only those malware detection systems that can view and analyze each instruction as the malware executes within the CPU can effectively detect Return-Oriented Programming-based threats.

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Topics: CPU Emulation, Lastline Enterprise, Advanced Malware Detection, return-oriented programming, ROP

Malware Detection via Dynamic Document Analysis

Posted by Brian Laing on 10/31/16 2:40 PM


Lastline's unique approach takes dynamic document analysis to a whole new level.

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Topics: Advanced Malware Detection, Dynamic Malware Analysis, lastline, legacy sandbox, embedded shellcode, malicious code, dynamic analysis, operating system calls, dynamic document analysis

Malware Detection via Static Document Analysis

Posted by Brian Laing on 10/26/16 1:13 PM


Static document analysis is an essential component in advanced malware detection  

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Topics: Advanced Malware Detection, lastline, static analysis, static document analysis, legacy sandbox, embedded shellcode, abnormal macros, embedded files, malicious code

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